From Arequipa to the Gateway Arch

Fredy, 28 - Peru

This is Fredy Delgado from a town called Arequipa in Peru. Fredy moved to United States at the age of 15 and has resided in Saint Louis ever since. He is now 28 years old and feels as if the American culture has affected his living in many ways. The way he speaks, thinks, and live life has changed but at the same time he is still majorly affected by the Peruvian culture.

"We always keep doing our Peruvian things, like we try to keep our culture in tact... We eat the same food, we eat Peruvian food, we celebrate the same things that we used to back in Peru. For example, Christmas, we do it the same way that we used to back in Peru, like celebrate it at 12 o'clock at night. Here they celebrate it the next day."

Surely this has made him feel better knowing that he can still enjoy the little things he used to do back home but the experience is not the same.  After moving to United States the roles changed for Fredy and his sisters because now they had to take over the duties of the family.

"Yeah, I mean, I was lucky that I have my two sisters with me... once we learned to speak English, we started helping our parents and everything. So, between us three, I guess we took over and helped them."

Being a kid in that position Fredy had to deal with helping pay the bills and translating for everything but also doing things like taking his family grocery shopping and doing daily activities. This was the most difficult part for every him to make this kind of transition because the language barrier forces you to alternate in between both cultures.

"The language barrier. Even though we already speak English, there's still a barrier there. It's kind of hard to explain, but there's always a barrier there, because you're thinking in Spanish and the same time you're thinking in English."

Despite all the challenges Fredy has gone through, he remains positive and living in United States this long has made him love the life he lives here and having the opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world. Meeting new people and adjusting to things has gotten easier for him because he has developed a Third Culture.